Symi sailing holidays

The beautiful island of Symi - Σύμη (Italian: Simi, Turkish: Sömbeki) lies about 23 NM north-west of Rhodes flanked by two Turkish peninsulae. It has a much-indented coast, ideal for a sailing holiday and according to Ho­mer it possessed eight good harbours.

The inhabitants live of sponge-fishing and boat-building.

The south side of Sesklion island has a small cove guarded by a rock; approach from the east to anchor in wonderful tranquil surroundings. The passage between Symi and Nimos island is 3.5 m minimum, but is far less dangerous then one might expect.

British Admiralty Charts 1055, 1532

The neoclassical Venetian mansions overlooking Symi bay.
Few islands have Symi's crisp colourful brightness and its amphitheatrical ambiance of Neoclassical mansions.

Few islands have Symi's crisp brightness and its amphitheatre ambiance of Neoclassical mansions, in soft ochre or traditional deep shades, stacked one on top of the other right up the barren hill sides.

History of Symi

From ancient times the fortunes of Symi were closely linked with those of Rhodes.

The island was occupied by the Turks in 1523 and after the Balkan War of 1912 was held by Italy. It was reunited with Greece in 1947.

Symi port

Yacht charters Symi (Simi)
Symi port map

The island's capital Symi (or Yialos, Gialos), with its handsome 18th and 19th c. mansions, lies on the north coast, in a bay sheltered by the little island of Nimos.
The clock tower on the edge of the harbour is easily identified.

Moor stern-to the quays where directed by the harbour master.

During the afternoon numerous ferries bring loads of tourists, but when these invaders depart, the sailing fraternity – flying flags from all nationalities – takes over, and the boulevard rejoices in a more gentil and relaxed air.

Near the Customs Office and fish market, the two flanks of the port meet via a stone bridge - kalntirimi: downtown Gialos.

Yachts moored in the ochre, salmon, red and light blue coloured amphitheatre of Symi port, Gialos.