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The English parts of the website are written according to British English spelling, and on the dry sub domain in both Dutch and British English were appropriate. The translated sections are written in Dutch, German, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.


The EURO currency is used, notated either € 3,14 or 3,14 euro.


Temperatures are in degrees Celsius (°C), which serves 96% of the world's population.
The Fahrenheit (°F) scale has almost completely been replaced by the Celsius scale, except in the USA.


The date notation is in dd-mm-yyyy since the populations of most countries use this day-month-year format, even if these countries have adopted the international standard ISO 8601 of yyyy-mm-dd. Also month names - like 30 October 2018 - are used in the English sections to avoid misunderstandings.


BCE (Before Common Era / Before Current Era) & CE (Common Era / Current Era) is used and the numbering of years is identical to that used in the BC (Before Christ) & AD (Anno Domini) system.
Common Era does not explicitly make use of religious titles for Jesus, such as Christ and Lord, which are used in the BC & AD notation. Therefore, the Common Era notation is a more religiously neutral notation - and not offensive to other religions and atheists - better suited for cross-cultural communication.

Decimal separator

There is no international preference between the three widely used decimal separators: Therefore, both the the comma and the point are used on this website.

Thousand separator

Neither the comma thousand separator (1,000,000) or the dot thousand separator (1.000.000) are used, except for the scale of nautical charts.

Lengths & distances

The metric system is used and therefore metres and kilometres instead of yards, statute miles, inches, fathoms - along with the International System of Units, with three exceptions that are common in the nautical world. Depths and heights are in metres.


24° 20,500' N  ,  30° 10,333' E

The following notations are generally avoided:



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4 April 2019
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