Catamaran yacht charters

Catamaran yacht charters

Contrary to the immense popular demand for monohulls there is less interest in catamarans in Greece or Turkey, despite being so popular in the western Mediterranean basin. However the charter fleet of catamarans in Greece is rapidly growing, relatively speaking to the growth of the monohull fleet.
Catamarans have traditionally been chartered by American and the French, lately also Western Europeans seem to have fallen in love with multihulls. Trimarans however, are very rare and the few that are available cannot be hired bareboat but only with skipper and crew.
One of the advantages of catamarans larger than 40 feet is that each cabin will have its own ensuite. Furthermore the optional crew (skipper, hostess or cook) will have their cabin and their own toilet/shower far away from the guests, which aids the privacy onboard during crewed yacht charters on catamarans. Lastly, the single deck lay-out means that the cockpit is as low as the inside of the yacht. There isn't such thing as “below” deck, very practical for elderly for instance but also everyone that hates the stairways leading down to the saloon as found in monohulls.
Catamarans are quite useful in many shallow fishing ports that otherwise where not accessible - note that the majority of the monohulls have a draft of 180 centimetres or more (where 2 metres and 10 centimetres is considered to be the maximum to still be able to visit 95% of the interesting ports). Also pleasant that it is more common to take a line ashore, and with a catamaran this is easier accomplished.

Catamarans or Monohulls

If choice is of the essence than monohulls win - since there much more yachts than catamarans available in Greece! Another downside is that they take in a lot of room in ports and in the main charter season (July and August) this can become a problem, usually solved though by arriving before 14:00 in the afternoon, hence before all spots are filled. Outside the season this is less of an issue, fortunately.

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