Yacht chartering season Greece

Outside the main season of July and August - when nearly half the yacht charters take place - it can be lovely off the beaten track even near the main ports of Athens. Further away chances are that there will be no other sailors inside, giving that super off the beaten track feel while still visiting the major sites that are usually overrun with tourists in the aforementioned months.
Sailing outside the main charter season has other advantages as well. In springtime there are lovely flowers everywhere and the islands - particularly the Cycladic islands - aren't yet dry by lack of summer rains. Also the rates are better, the (reliable) yacht charter firms usually give nice discounts when hiring a yacht early in season. But there are downsides too. Before May the seawater temperatures are really chilly for swimming and snorkelling purposes, sailing in June is better with this lifestyle in mind. Plus before April there are shops/restaurants/tavernas/museums/spas etc that are closest or rebuilding etc.
Late in season has similar downsides. It can be very dry, especially in the Aegean. The days are much shorter and darkness is early in the evening. But swimming temperatures are excellent and there is only a small chance on a Meltemi is sailing in September and it is again a lot cheaper to charter a yacht in Autumn.

The Dodecanese, part of the south-east Aegean, offers the highest temperatures in Greece!

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