Sailing greece to visit archaeological sites

Yacht charters archaeology

The ancient sites, the culture and the splendid archaeology is one of the main reason to sail in Greece than in other parts of the world. Moreover, the sites are often coastal and by hiring a yacht easily visited: actually more accessible by yacht than by other means of transportation. Also note that it is very convenient to be anchored off underneath for instance a temple or castle up on the cliffs: when the afternoon passed most regular tourists will leave the site and afterwards you will have the place by your self to explore!

Outside Athens and the Acropolis much of the treasures can be visited and actually touched, rather than seeing an enclosed site from a distance behind a fence.
The sites range from (pre-)hellenic temples and sanctuaries till medieval fortifications, for instance by St John or the Venetians and can all be visited from the sailing yacht, hence the many "history and culture" themed yacht charters that are organized in Greece, particularly near Athens and Kos in the Dodecanese.

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