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The southern coastline of the Peloponnese is totally off the beaten track for most sailors and is difficult to explore since the closest yacht charter bases are Athens or Lefkas, which are both a week (or more) sailing away. Rarely it is possible to pick up the yacht at Kalamata or neighbouring harbours in which case a one-way from Lefkas to Kalamata or a one-way from Kalamata to Athens would be ideal (always from west to east due to the prevailing winds). Note that this is an advanced area, with lots of wind and capes to round, but the extra efforts are compensated with a myriad of stunning archaeological cities, temples, and fortresses.

Cabin charters

Nearly always cabin charters should be avoided. Most of these charters are more than 5 cabins and each cabin can host anyone with any lifestyle, and there is hardly any matching going on filling these yachts, with the downside of mixing party drinkers with people whose main interests include history and culture. If a cabin charter of berth charter is the only option for you it is wise to But due to the lack of privacy it is - even more so for honeymoons - best to rent full charter / private charter and enjoy full freedom in itineraries, when and what to visit and where to eat!

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