Ionian Athens yacht charters

Ionian and Athens yacht charters

In Greece the easy sailing conditions of the Ionian as well as the Athens sailing area are famous and for beginner bareboat captains this is often where the first yacht charters should be planned before heading into the much more demanding waters of the Cyclades and Dodecanese, which are found further east in the beautiful Aegean Sea. Both the Athens area (Saronic Gulf and Argolic Gulf) and the Ionian Sea has line of sight navigation, meaning that the next anchorage or harbour can easily be identified at the horizon, often closer in. Aside from the Meltemi season near Athens, the chances of fog and low visibility are small and the short distances between ports mean that children will appreciate these venues too, since once onshore, there is lots to explore. The Athens yacht charters area offers more ancient history with temples, ruins, castles etc. The Ionian yacht charters area offers more lush and green natural beauty especially in spring or early summer!

Starting ports

The bases for yacht charters in Athens are Kalamaki marina - Alimos marina (and sub bases are Poros or Aegina mostly) and in the Ionian Sea there are two major bases for yacht charters: Lefkas and Corfu.

The distance between these two bases is only a few days cruising apart, yet in a typical week sailing, the venue are separated, so visiting the Ionian twice - once out of Lefkas, once out of Corfu - is very common.

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