Ionian islands: yacht charters

Yacht charters islands in the Ionian

The islands of the Ionian are famous for cruisers and bareboat yacht charters all over the world. Although some distance from Athens - where most flights connect - the Ionian is worth the extra ferry, bus or domestic flight since it has a totally different climate than the Aegean, the Greek waters east of the Peloponnese.

The main yacht charters base is on Lefkas, either Nidri or Lefkas marina self, otherwise near the Preveza airport on the mainland of Greece. In the northern Ionian there is of course also the main base of Gouvia and Corfu. If planning a one-way sailing route in these Ionian waters, than best sail from Corfu to Lefkas and not vice versa due to the prevailing winds.

Since yacht charters are very easy here, there are also many flotilla fleets and sailing schools in the area. Many sailors will have there first bareboat experience here often in a second week after sailing a flotilla or assisted bareboat charter in the first week. Also a pleasant area because waves and high winds are very rare, especially in the tourist season and the islands self are green, lush and fertile. The more advanced Aegean is non of this: regularly high winds and waves and rocky and barren cliffs, which make for more advanced sailing.

South of Lefkas are the Ionian islands of Kefalonia, Ithaka and Zante (Zakynthos). Sailing from Lefkas to Zante and back is preferably done in a 2 week sailing vacation, the other islands are within reach in just a one week cruise. The more adventurous yacht charters also combine the pristine southern coast of the Peloponese, which is technically still the Ionian Sea (it stretches to Kythera and actually joins borders with the Aegean Sea).

Most vacations are sailed on gulets motorsailers and catamarans with luxury in mind. The bareboat sailors will likely opt for a 30-50 feet monohull or a smaller multi-hull (less than 50 feet).

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