The lion of Kea is 9 metres long, and is carved out of the local rocks - 6th c. BCE.

Kea sailing vacations

The beautiful island of Kea is one of the highlights of the various sailing vacations in the Cyclades and in the Saronic, due to its proximity to Athens. Likewise also Kythnos can be included in a Saronic itinerary, possibly crossing from Hydra, or - less adventurous - via Cape Sounion and Kea.
Besides Athens you can also visit Kea from Lavrion (south tip of Attica), Poros and the Cycladic islands of Syros and Paros. All these ports serve as yacht charter bases.

Types of sailing vacations

Charter period

The usual sailing vacation is 7 days/1 week, but two weeks is absolutely recommended: in twice the amount of time you will see three times as much.
Sometimes 10 days is possible too. Generally, the more luxury, the more options possible. For example, the luxurious mega yacht can be rented by the day. For more details visit the charter guide.

Sailing season

Although it is viable to sail in Greece all year round, the vast majority of tourists will be visiting in July and August. Yet, May and June as well as September might be more ideal for a sailing vacation. Not only does Greece have to cope with less tourists during these months, a Meltemi storm is also less likely.
The water temperatures - for snorkelling and swimming - are only ideal after April/May!

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