Kea bareboat vacations

Kea bareboat vacations

The northern Cyclades due to their ideal location near the yacht charter bases of Poros, Athens and Lavrion are popular for bareboat vacations in Greece. Moreover, Syros is the main charter base within the northern Cyclades, although Mykonos is gaining importance. The charter base of Paros (Paroikia port) can best be used to visit the southern islands of the Aegean: notably, Santorini, Milos and Amorgos, whereas bareboat vacations from the port of Syros and Mykonos are perfect to explore Andros, Delos, Tinos and of course Kea island.

Even if you use the International Airport of Athens, Lavrion might be a better choice to start your bareboat vacations, since it is only a couple of hours to the nearby island of Kea. From the usual Kalamaki or Alimos marina of Athens this will take most of the day. The common itinerary is first to visit Aegina and then via Cape Sounion towards Kea.

Then from Kea onwards a visit to Kythnos and Sifnos is highly recommended. There is no consensus whether to sail the circular route clockwise or anticlockwise, but for a one-way charter the preferable direction is downwind, roughly north to south.
Common oneway bareboat vacations are:

The usual extra fee for such one way bareboat vacations is about 300-350.
Note, that the other direction would technically be best described as a “delivery”, although cheaper, not recommended. Even more so in the main yacht charter season when the Meltemi can blow.

A lovely anchorage, Poleis bay, can be found on the south east side of Kea island, ruins of an ancient city can be found just north of this secluded little place.

If bareboat vacations are not possible due to lack of experience, you could consider a crewed charter, either on a regular yacht or on a motorsailer or gulet. Nearly all these cruises visit Kea. More information on these crewed options can be found on my yacht charter guide.

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