Aegean yachting holidays

Aegean yachting holidays

In Greece one has the choice between sailing in the Ionian Sea (west of the Peloponnese) or in the Aegean Sea (east of the Peloponnese). In general the Aegean yachting holidays are more advanced, so either a skipper or captain should be hired or one has to be an accomplished sailor and sail bareboat. The overwhelming majority of sailing holidays start out in the Saronic, Alimos marina and Kalamaki port in Athens, yet this isn't the Aegean proper. Consensus is that this sea consists of the following archipelagos: Hence the Argolic Gulf and the Saronic Gulf which are easily within reach from Athens aren't considered typical for Aegean yachting holidays, mainly because it involves coastal sailing in more secluded and safer waters and not island hopping in more advanced waters.

The most advanced waters are the southern Cyclades and the Sea of Crete. The Dodecanese are perhaps the most ideal cruising ground: Aegean yachting holidays here offer a mix of culture, ancient temples, high cliffs, volcanoes and fine restaurants.
Moreover, out of Kos or Rhodes it is possible to rent the more stylish wooden vessels that are locally known as gulets (Turkish) or caïque (Greek). These two-masted motorsailers are now used to cruise these waters in luxury and comfort like on the Blue Voyages | Blue Cruises along the Bodrum coast in Turkey: the Turquoise Coast.

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